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Paper Tiger Document Solutions

Paper Tiger Document Solutions provides secure document shredding and storage services to organzations in Illinois and Wisconsin. Connect2Market developed a custom website for Paper Tiger to allow them to market their services to their clients. The website application features an inquiry system where vistors can request services as well as content to learn about the business' offerings. The site design is mobile ready to ensure it displays proper regardless of the viewer's display size.

Paper Tiger Homepage
Paper Tiger Mobile Ready
Paper Tiger Visitor Inquiry System
Paper Tiger Testimonials

McCaffrey's Home Inspection

McCaffrey's Home Inspection provides home inspection services for residential properties.  Serivces include pre-sale and buyer inspections as well as radon monitoring. Their site features marketing pages with videos, an appointment booking tool, sample reports, testimonials and more.

McCaffreys Home Inspection Homepage
McCaffreys Home Inspection Services
McCaffreys Home Inspection Booking Tool
McCaffreys Home Inspection Testimonials
McCaffreys Home Inspection Blog
McCaffreys Home Inspection Service Area Map

City Therapy Center

City Therapy Center provides therapeutic interpersonal and relational intervention to assist clients in problems of living. The website's serves to inform clients about the organization and the services they offer. The site features professional bios for the therapists and a resources section for clients.

City Therapy Center Homepage
City Therapy Center Services
City Therapy Center Professional Bios
City Therapy Center Resources
City Therapy Center Contact

Creative Organization

Creative Organization provides organizational and design services to clients. Their website provides samples of their work with before and after images. Search Engine Optimization is driven by taxonomy driven associations between services and portfolio examples.

Creative Organization - Homepage
Creative Organization - Services
Creative Organization - Project Before and After Portfolio
Creative Organization - Testimonials
Creative Organization - FAQ
Creative Organization - Service Area Map

M & A Connect

M&A Connect assists owners of private corporations in the selling process. With over fifty years of combined experience in the Midwest mergers and acquisitions market, M&A Connect ensures that both buyer and seller can be confident that the transaction is handled professionally. In additional to the normal marketing pages, M&A Connect's site display's a listing of companies for sale with detailed profiles for each offering. A potential buyer can submit an inquiry regarding a particular listing.

M & A Connect Homepage
M & A Connect Company Profile
M & A Connect Inquiry
M & A Connect Owner Resources

Interesting ideas on how disruptiveness drives word of mouth

This article by Steve Knox explores the science behind why consumers talk (or do not talk) about things in their life.  I see this factor to be akin to the fulcrum that determines the effectiveness of your marketing lever.  While Steve's focus is more on consumer packaged goods products, his principles should apply across services and business to business products equally.  I liken Steve's "schemas" to be similar to the traditional marketing strategy frame of reference for a business and the disruption to be similar to the strategic points of difference.  

Read the full article here:

Thanks to Tom O'Brien of Motivequest for sharing the article.


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