Connecting organizations to their markets

How We Work

Connect2Market provides marketing services to help clients successfully achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Website Design and Development

We design and develop custom websites that serve as the foundation of a business' marketing presence.

  • Moble ready designs
  • Work with client to understand and document their marketing needs 
  • Deliver work on time and within budget
  • Utilize the latest in web technology to give you an impactful and effective site

Marketing Strategy

With over 20 years of business marketing experience, we can help you design and document your marketing strategy

  • Market research development and execution
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Competitive differentiation

Search Engine Optimization

We have deep expertise in designing, buidling and operating websites that acheive their search engine goals.

  • From creating a site design in keeping with the latest search engine best practices
  • To building in the right behind the scenes tools
  • To monitoring and supporting the site over time to hone performance

Website Analytics

We build analytics tools into our website applications using Google Analytics.

  • Analytics allows the client to understand what content 
  • Tracking of goal conversions for activities such sales or contacts
  • Monitor and optimize the website content to improve ongoing performance

Website Hosting

We have our own dedicated servers available to host your website application.

  • Hosted on robust, commercial server in data center
  • Automated backup of site code and databases
  • Separate production and development servers to ensure necessary testing in development and stable production environment

Email Marketing

We have experience designing, implementing and maintaining email marketing campaigns with tools like Constant Contact.

  • Design email templates to match your artwork
  • Manage email address list databases
  • Monitor and optimize the campaign to learn from our experiences

Online Advertising

We have experience designing, implementing and maintaining online advertising campaigns with tools like Google Adwords.

  • Use analytics tools to identify the most effective keywords to target your campaign
  • Tailor your site and your campaign together to put you in position to convert visitors into sales
  • Monitor and optimize the campaign to learn from our experiences

Content Management

We help clients maintain their website applications to keep them up to date and on target

  • Search engine optimization of content
  • Copy editing and artwork curation